About SDPS

The Society for Design and Process Science
The Society of the Future

The Society for Design and Process Science is an international, multicultural, cross-disciplinary professional society dedicated to transformative research and education through transdisciplinary means. The mission of the Society is to seek fundamental scientific approaches to knowledge integration and dissemination across the deep, yet. divided, knowledge of the disciplines. SDPS was formed in Austin, Texas in the fall of 1995 to pursue the ideas of a small group of visionaries, two of whom are Nobel Laureates. The work of these visionaries provided the spark that brought together a unique mix of scientists, engineers and business professionals whose work looked beyond the path of mainstream.

SDPS was formed around a single idea: process. The fact that this concept is observed in so many different disciplines and that process philosophy has heralded its importance since antiquity, gave rise to the idea that there may be something very fundamental yet to be discovered by science. It appears the process concept could establish a broadly applicable abstraction on which to base the future of knowledge integration and dissemination at a formal level for a wide array of disciplines. The scientific exploration of fundamental concepts remain at the center of our efforts in achieving this mission. The result could yield new science, new products, new business innovations and vast opportunities for for integrative products and services. Broad integration of disciplinary knowledge at a scientific level will be essential in finding solutions to the complex, seeming intractable, unstructured problem sets in the future.

Software engineering is rather young as an engineering discipline. Due to the unique qualities of software and its broad applicability across many disciplines, software engineering may be considered a transdiscipline. Software engineering has dealt with process notions at a fundamental level and is therefore an essential part of our quest for a fundamental process science. The SDPS Software Engineering Society (SES) was formed in the year 2000 as an integral part of SDPS. While it is still developing as a professional society, it holds great potential. SES will embrace the full breadth of knowledge of software engineering and seek the future of this largest and youngest of all principal engineering disciplines.

Each year, SDPS sponsors an international conference that attracts many leaders in science, engineering, and business. SDPS membership includes a diverse group of international experts across a broad array of scientific and engineering disciplines. SDPS conferences are unique in that they are designed to bring forth leading ideas that are transformative in character—ideas that may radically change our thinking, ideas not locked to disciplinary boundaries.

Since 1997, SDPS has published the prestigious Journal of Integrated Design and Process Science and, more recently, our first book publication in Biomedical Engineering followed by a second book on Cyber Physical Systems; both released through Springer Publishing. SDPS operates with a small group of dedicated volunteers including professors, business people, and professionals.

Just as the classical age of science is associated with the primary physics of it's time, the emergence of what may be termed a new light age, so named after the fundamental discoveries quantum science. In this new age, SDPS will become a leading professional society.